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Water well drilling success near Fairplay Colorado
Water Well Drilling Success near Fairplay

James Drilling Company is one of the most experienced water well drilling service companies in Colorado & the Rocky Mountain region.  We use the most modern water well drilling equipment in the industry to assure your job is done efficiently, quickly and without a big mess.  Whether a shallow well, deep well or deep rock water well, we have the equipment and professional team to get the job done right for your home, commercial business or contractor service.

Once the well permit and the well location have been approved, the water well drilling construction process can begin.  This involves setting a minimum of 40' of 7" steel surface casing, which will be grouted to prevent any type of surface contamination from entering the well. Once the surface casing has been installed, James Drilling Company will continue with a 6 1/4" - 6 1/2" bore hole through the formation until a water supply has been encountered in the well.

After water is initially found in your well, James Drilling Company will consult with you to determine if it is necessary to go deeper in order to increase water production from the well. Once a sufficient supply of water is obtained, James Drilling Company will install the PVC liner casing. This casing will be a 4 1/2" sch 40 casing with factory slotted perforations in the production zones. The perforations are .032 to help prevent sediment from entering the well, while still allowing the maximum flow of water to enter the casing for access to the water well pump. Along with the installation of the casing, a formation packer will be installed at approximately 100' to help prevent surface contamination and any other seasonal water that might contaminate the well.

Once the water well drilling has been completed and the casing is installed, the well will be sealed with a Colorado state approved water well seal and the well is then chlorinated.

After completion of the water well drilling, James Drilling Company will complete your water well system by connecting the water line from the well to your house or commercial building, install a water well pumping system and perform water quality testing to ensure the quality of your water.

James Water Well Drilling Service - Evergreen, Fairplay & Grandby Colorado