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WATER Well DEEPENING & Rejuvenation

James Well Drilling Company services a customer in Evergreen with water well deepening & rejuvenation
A Rejuvenated Well in Evergreen Colorado

Aging water wells in Colorado can decrease in production over time due to a lower water table from drought, over-pumping of the well, or fractures plugging with silt and the corrosion of production casing.  Sometimes this can even lead to a dry well.  In most cases, water wells constructed in Hard-Rock Formations can be deepened to increase the production of or rejuvenation of the low production or dry well. This process requires the extraction of the water well pump & the liner casing. Once all materials are removed from the well, the well drilling rig will mobilize over the well & begin drilling the well deeper to prove additional water bearing fractures. After a good and long lasting source of water is found, the casing & pump system will be reinstalled in the well and the well will again be ready for use.

Key Benefits To Well Deepening:

  • Cost Savings by Using Existing Borehole
  • Increase Well Production & Water Supply
  • Deeper Source of Water (long lasting & free of surface contamination)

Other Water Well Rejuvenating Methods:

  • Hydro Fracturing
  • Chemical Stimulation
  • Mechanical Stimulation

James Water Well Drilling Service - Evergreen, Fairplay & Grandby Colorado